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The Hawaii Lure Coursing Club is an informal group of people who are interested in and or participate in all breed lure coursing in Hawaii. Emphasis is on fun, safety and exercise for the dogs in a non-competitive environment.

HLCC Members

Coursing Members


The Hawaii Lure Coursing Club is unique in that we encourage all breeds of dog to lure course. We also encourage socialization, which is not common practice at lure coursing events. 


Whippet Courser


After The Run

The Lure Course and Lures

Presently, we are running a 550 foot straight line drag lure course, but we hope to “course” the dogs in the near future with straightaway’s and turns when we find a larger field that is safe for the dogs. We use plastic bags and animal skins as lures for the dogs. 


Animal Skin Lures

Lure Coursing Animal Skins


High Pulley


Injoy High Corner Pulley


A close up view of one of the specially designed pulleys by Injoy we use for animal skins. These pulleys not only increase the speed of the lure by allowing the lure to run smoother, but also provides added safety for the dogs as the lure passes through the field pulleys.

Membership Information

· Membership in the Hawaii Lure Coursing Club is free. However, to be a coursing member there is an annual contribution of $15.00.

· We suggest you and your dog observe a lure coursing event to see if your dog shows interest.

· If you are interested in lure coursing, contact us to arrange for an assessment of your dog’s level of fitness and socialization.

· If you want to run your dog, weekly member contributions are $3.00 per running dog, and $4.00 for non members. This is so we can maintain the lure coursing equipment and provide the items necessary to support it.

· You will also need to sign a HLCC 2014 lure coursing release form prior to your dog's participation.  

Whippet Courser

Whippet Courser


I Got The Skunk